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If the tile and grout in your bathroom or kitchen have become stained, you may be worried that there’s nothing you can do to get them looking clean and beautiful again. In fact, you may have already considered having them replaced just to avoid the cleaning and restoration process.

Before you take any drastic measures, read more about how we can get rid of your grout and tile nightmares.

Our tile and grout cleaning services will cut your cleaning time in half, making cleaning easier than ever before.

If you’re tired of the endless scrubbing and fussing over the stains on your tile floors, counters, backsplashes, and showers, we can help eliminate the hassle. We’ll start by cleaning your tile and grout to remove as many stains and buildup as possible. Then, we’ll use our proprietary sealing process to protect your grout from future stains.

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching refers to a method of permanently remedying and repairing cracked masonry walls.

It involves cutting out sections of mortar in order to insert steel reinforcing rods which are then cemented in place.

It is an effective, non-invasive procedure, so there is no need to move out of your home while it is taking place.

Once all the essential surveying, checks and preparation have taken place it is a quick procedure, often completed easily within one day.  It is relatively inexpensive.

Why is it Important?

The most obvious and immediate problems that can arise from a cracked wall is that moisture and pests can infiltrate the cavity, causing all sorts of problems.

In the medium or long term, if a cracked wall is left unattended, the problem is going to get worse.

Water will penetrate the crack and expand and contract with daily and seasonal temperature changes.

Even without the drastic effect of freezing and thawing water, these micro-expansions and contractions of the crack will cause crumbling of the masonry and the crack will widen.

Eventually, bits of masonry will fall off, and the situation will rapidly deteriorate to present safety risks and serious structural faults.