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Long Term Corrosion Monitoring ( I-cor And Gp-5000)

Corrosion in concrete structures is one among the various causes impairing its long-term durability. Precise assessment of corrosion rate (CR) is of prime importance to evaluate the structural safety as well as for estimation of service life of concrete structures.

Specific analysis of detoriation its cause and rate are very important from point of deciding repair system to be adopted for projects for its suitability and durability.

Shradha Saburi Engineers Pvt Ltd. has inhouse trained corrosion engineers to use and access various high-tech equipment’s and systems for studying corrosion in the structure; with the help of these equipment we can easily map corrosion potential contours and pinpoint the exact areas-corrosion hot spots that require due attention.

MCI Corrosion Treatment

Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor technology, developed by Cortec’s researchers, rehabilitates deteriorated concrete structures affected by corrosion on reinforcing steel. MCI products can be added to concrete mixtures for new structures or during rehabilitation of old buildings. Concrete, mixed with MCI products is poured and finished in the normal fashion.

MCI helps in protection of steel rebars from corrosion thereby extending service life and are available in two forms, surface applied liquid form as well as drill insert and embed type sustained release caplet.

In RCC elements already applied with surface protective coating liquid MCI are injected under pressure through nozzles at specific intervals.