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Patch Repairs

The edges of the repair patch should be tapered and all plies should have rounded corners. The repair patch is attempting to replace the damaged area in the composite laminate exactly, restoring it as much as possible to original. Thus, the number of plies and orientations of each ply must match, layer for layer, that of the original structure.

Crack Filling and Grouting

Filling cracks with injection grout is a useful procedure that helps provide waterproofing and corrosion protection for structural purposes. A variety of grouts are available on the market with different characteristics, properties and uses. Generally, grouts used for crack repair should have low viscosity, high bond strength, low shrinkage and high stability at the repair temperature.

Full Depth Repairs

Full-depth patching entails removing and replacing at least a portion of a slab to the bottom of the concrete, in order to restore areas of deterioration. Full-depth patches improve pavement rideability and structural integrity and extend pavement service life.

Repairs For Hot Exposure

Exposure limits intended to minimize the risk of heat-related illnesses are set by provincial and territorial governments for most Indian workplaces under the federal jurisdiction.