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Bearing Replacement

Jacking is an application used to overcome problems in both new construction and existing structures and buildings. Often an essential element of works involving load transfer or pre-stressing, bridge lifting and sliding, bearing replacement or high strength bar tensioning, the need to temporarily jack a structure can occur when phasing is either ineffective or not possible under time constraints.

Jack types

Hydraulic jacks

Conventional hydraulic jacks are available in a range of capacities up to 1000 tonnes. Equipped with a swivel head, they are able to accommodate slight misalignment of the jacking surface and subsequent rotational movement of the structure. A built-in locking collar allows the hydraulic system to be removed once pressurisation is complete and secures the jack against unforeseen movement and interference.

In instances of bridge bearing replacement, Freyssinet design and manufacture PTFE and elastomer sliding surfaces, which give the jack head the ability to accommodate limited vertical and horizontal structural movement, e.g. to allow bridge deck jacking under live traffic.

Flat jacks

Flat jacks are also available in a range of capacities up to 1000 tonnes and can be used in both temporary and permanent situations.

A flat jack is consists of two steel plates joined at a rim. When inflated, the upper and lower plates are forced apart and can exert forces up to 15 N/mm2. Flat jacks are uniquely able to operate in locations where the gap available for jacking is 50mm or less.

In temporary situations, where jack removal is required, inflation is by hydraulic oil. In situations where a permanent jack installation is required, such as bearing pre-loading or structural lifting, the jack can either be inflated from the outset with epoxy resin, or initially inflated with hydraulic oil and then transfused under load with epoxy resin at a later date.

Expansion Joint Repair

Shradha Saburi Engineers Pvt Ltd. provides rapid expansion joint sealing and repair of deteriorated concrete areas around the joint. Applications include roads, bridges, parking garages, buildings, hallways, floors, roofs and containment areas. Our polymeric solutions are quickly applied and give you long-lasting results that withstand expansion movements, high traffic, abrasion and chemical attack. Benefits include:

  • Reduce maintenance cost and prolong substrate life by keeping water and debris out of the joints
  • Polymeric solutions outperform and outlast conventional joint sealing materials
  • Elastomeric joint sealing compounds provide 25% expansion flexibility with tenacious bonding characteristics to better bridge cracks and accommodate expansion/contraction movements
  • Long-lasting repair of broken or spalled slab edges at joints in concrete floors subjected to heavy traffic from forklifts and hard wheel vehicles
  • Repair compounds are stronger than concrete and have greater chemical, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Specialized, chemical resistant sealing and repair of expansion joints in containment areas where environmental contamination must be prevented
  • Expert consultation – we carefully assess your site to find a solution that will provide long-lasting results
  • Materials are fast curing for less downtime during repair
  • Safe – no hot work required, no harmful VOCs or smells
  • Horizontal and vertical solutions available